Chakra Exploration Course

Want to dive deeper into more of YOU. Part of this is going to be knowing more about your Chakra system and how it functions. 

You'll love this if you are ready to connect - perhaps for the first time, perhaps just deeper than before - to the places within you where your soul consciousness is meeting, and flowing (or not!), with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

Each lesson will help provide further insight into areas of 'stuckness', contraction, rigidity, where you are placing energetic and/or emotional conditions on yourself, your body, your life.

This course provides a doorway into enhanced self-awareness, mindfulness, a journey into self-mastery to allow you to monitor your own Chakra system and your internal balance, or imbalance.

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'Change your mind, change your life'
Video Series

Arriving mid-July this is a collection of ten video teachings from Pia.

Includes two meditations, one exercise and seven expansive trainings to change your perspective and therefore your life!