Observ Skin Imaging

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What is Observ Skin Imaging and why do we use it?


Observ's advanced camera technology, takes a series of photographic images with varying lights to provide insight into skin concerns and see the extent of damage beyond what is noticeable to the naked eye.


This gives you, our client, a greater understanding and evidence of underlying skin concerns and in turn allows your Inspiration Skin Coach to select the right products and skin treatments to transform your skin and target your concerns. 

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Observ Large.jpg

Why should I have Observ Imaging?

  • The information gained from your photographs will enable your Inspiration Place Skin Coach to create customised and informed treatment plan for you. 

  • You can track of your progress with your skin coach by comparing before and after images post treatments as we can email you your images so you can take home your photos for post consult review.

  • Prevent future imperfections by using the right products and skin treatments today.

  • The Observe 520 skin analysis is 100% safe and painless and very informative!

  • Included in every in-centre Discovery Session