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Prepay your post lockdown Facial and SAVE!

Save $55 when you prepay a 60min Activate Facial Experience for when we reopen.


Our Top 3 Experiences


Ascend Facial Experience

120 MIN | $370

Every facial experience that you have with us will be unique. Your powerfully intuitive Inspiration Place Therapist spends time tuning in to exactly what your skin and energetic requirements are before your hands on session commences, to ensure that structure of the treatment serves you and your specific needs brilliantly. 

Qi Energising Facial

75 MIN | $222

The application of 1000 or more 24ct gold magnets, with natural ionic gels, creams, serums and nutrients deliver a luxurious facial with lasting results. The Qi stimulation facial is perfect for anyone who wishes to age gracefully and for anyone wanting an improvement to the quality of their skin.

Reiki Energy Healing Rebalance

45 MIN | $111

Reiki is a relaxing, nurturing energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit. Your practitioner connects to the quantum space - to the universal life force of natural healing energy vibrations - acting as a conduit to assist your body and energy fields.  

Meet our Inspiration Team


Inspiration coach, sound healer,  corneotherapist, skin expert & reiki practitioner.


Inspiration Place Leader

Naturopath, Corneotherapist, Skin Expert Reiki Practitioner, NLP Coach, and Female Embodiment Yoga Teacher,


Inspiration Place 

co-ordinator, corneotherapist, skin expert & operations manager.


Inspiration Place 

co-ordinator, Reiki Master and front of house.

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