Reiki Treatment

Every facial experience that you have with us will be unique. Your powerfully intuitive Inspiration Place Therapist spends time tuning in to exactly what your skin and energetic requirements are before your hands on session commences, to ensure that structure of the treatment serves you

and your specific needs brilliantly.

Our Inspiration Therapists may incorporate any of the following into your experience:

✭ Corneotheraputic Facials ✭ Omnilux LED Light Therapy ✭ Mesotherapy

✭ Radio Frequency ✭ High Frequency ✭ Reiki ✭ Facial or Body Massage

✭ Guided Meditation ✭ Advanced Masks ✭ Naturopathic Advice ✭ Skin Care Education

✭ Sound Healing ✭ Wellness Coaching ✭ Flower Essences ✭ Essential Oil Therapy

✭ Facial Lymph Drainage✭ Facial Meridian Pressure Point Massage ✭ Kinesiology

✭ Qi gong ✭ Yoga stretches ✭ Gua sha massage

1 hour | $205

1.5 hour | $270

2 hour | $370

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Please note: All prices and treatments are subject to change without notice.