Nurture Night  No.3

It was so popular we are doing it again!


Feel like something is missing in your life, your energy, your heart? 

The bottom line is... we simply cannot fully love and take care of others until we fully love and take care of ourselves first. 

The love you seek exists within you <3

Imagine connecting to that love that lives inside of you more deeply...

Building Self-love is a practice - finding a state of appreciation for ourselves that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. As wellness and skin coaches we meet so many people who don't like themselves .... and by extension create lives they don't really like either.  

True self-love is giving yourself unconditional respect. It’s reminding yourself that you deserve to have all your wants, desires and needs met and knowing that you are always worthy, valuable, and deserving of happiness.


Join us in this beautiful FREE evening fully online event,

Wednesday 23rd June at 8 pm AEST.

- Connect with like-minded souls in a beautifully created sacred space
- Connect with your heart, your body, your light, your breath, your intention
- Intuitive Card Reading to amplify your inner guidance
- Self Connection Practice with Face Massage and Tapping techniques
- Guided Meditation

We recommend setting yourself up in a comfy, quiet, safe space. You could wish to play some angel Hz music in preparation, sip on some herbal tea, connect with any crystals you wish (such as Rose Quartz, accepting and expanding into heart space), light a candle, burn incense, sage, or Palo Santo, and have a journal on hand to write down any intentions, thoughts, emotions/feelings that become present 🕯️🔮📔✍️


Please come to this experience with clean skin ready to be massaged with your own cream or oil.

For many years, everyone has been asking Pia to hold a retreat.... 

Well the day is FINALLY here! Pia is co-hosting her very first retreat!!

Embody Your Wholeness Retreat  |  November 10th-18h  |  At Sanctuary Retreat QLD 

Wholeness Retreat with Pia