Rewire your Nervous System Course with Pia

Learn about your nervous systems, how and why they act and interact, and tangible tools we can all use on a daily basis to create SPACE and ROOM in our nervous system for attunement, calibration, processing emotions in a resourceful way, for growth and development on all scales and levels of being...

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What services we offer

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Our Top 3 Experiences


Ascend Facial Experience

120 MIN | $370

Every facial experience that you have with us will be unique. Your powerfully intuitive Inspiration Place Therapist spends time tuning in to exactly what your skin and energetic requirements are before your hands on session commences, to ensure that structure of the treatment serves you and your specific needs brilliantly. 

Qi Energising Facial

75 MIN | $222

The application of 1000 or more 24ct gold magnets, with natural ionic gels, creams, serums and nutrients deliver a luxurious facial with lasting results. The Qi stimulation facial is perfect for anyone who wishes to age gracefully and for anyone wanting an improvement to the quality of their skin.

Reiki Energy Healing Rebalance

45 MIN | $111

Reiki is a relaxing, nurturing energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit. Your practitioner connects to the quantum space - to the universal life force of natural healing energy vibrations - acting as a conduit to assist your body and energy fields.  

About Us


Inspiration Place was birthed from the strong and highly respected foundations of Verve Skin Beauty Wellness, one of Melbourne's premier skin clinics originally founded almost 35 years ago. We are a holistic wellness centre providing a unique and powerful integration of science, skin, naturopathy, spirituality, and other complementary therapies to find and treat 'root cause' so that we can transform our clients' skin, mind, body and soul in a long term, sustainable, nourishing and evolving way.

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How we work



We take the time to learn what you need and want from your skin, body, wellness and life!



Together with you we explore how best to support you in your journey towards your skin, soul or wellness goals.



You will be provided with a plan to treat your concerns which may include skincare, supplement, diet changes or soul support.



We will check in with you regularly to ensure you are getting the results you desire and are doing all we can to support you.

Meet our Inspiration Team


Inspiration coach, sound healer,  corneotherapist, skin expert & reiki practitioner.


Inspiration Place Leader

Naturopath, Corneotherapist, Skin Expert Reiki Practitioner, NLP Coach, and Female Embodiment Yoga Teacher,


Inspiration Place 

co-ordinator, Reiki Master and front of house.

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“Had the most divine facial experience with Pia that was a whole-body energetic shift. Allowed me to slow down, breathe differently and walk out with a new mindset, as well as glowing skin! The massage was to die for and released so much built-up tension. Also had multiple naturopathic appointments with Pia guiding me through a holistic way of healing, strengthening and protection whilst I also navigated necessary medical interventions. Highly recommend both services and cannot wait to come back!"

- Shelley

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